cultura material contemporânea e arte 
 contemporary material culture and art 


 Martha Rosler 
 If you lived here... Still, 1989-2010 



Slide show of the artist’s multi-part curatorial project held at the Dia Art Foundation in New York City in 1989, comprising three exhibitions and four public forums on housing, homelessness, and architectural and urban planning. The exhibitions were Home Front; Homeless: The Street and Other Venues; and City Visions and Revisions, with work by artists, film and videomakers, homeless people, squatters, architects, poets and writers, community groups, schoolchildren, and others.
Also included in the slide show are images from later iterations of this work, in St. Louis, Missouri, and Taipei. Plus also included are images from the archive exhibition If You Lived Here Still, an e-flux exhibition touring since 2009, appearing in New York, Utrecht, and more recently in Barcelona.

Monitor; color; 31’49’’

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